Force Calibration Tester

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    A few highlights

  • The force calibration tester is a dedicated system for calibrating/testing force/pressure input on touchscreens, touch panels, and keypads devices from development through production.
  • Used by top tier OEM’s in the display industry.
  • Designed and manufactured by Tactile Automation in the USA and supported by Tactile globally.

    Key Features

  • Programmable force, position and velocity control
  • Outside dimensions allow for transport in checked airline luggage.
  • Breadboard table to allow for mounting of your device and accessory test equipment.

Testing force/pressure input

Force Fixture Specifications

Travel Range S.A.E Metric
X Axis 15.748 in 400 mm
Y Axis 11.811 in 300 mm
XY Axis Velocity 590 in/min *High speed option available 250 mm/s *High speed option available
Force/(Z) Axis .787 in + .984 in manual adjustment 20 mm + 25 mm manual adjustment
Force Specs    
Force Application Range 0g – 612g *High force option available  
Force Sensor Measurement Range 0g – 1020g  
Force Accuracy less than +/- 1g *Higher force accuracy options available  
Force (Z) Axis Velocity 125mm/sec Max *High speed option available  
Force Control Modes Closed loop force, Closed loop position  
Outside Dimensions S.A.E Metric
Length 29.055 in 738 mm
Width 18.700 in 475 mm
Depth 13.700 in 348 mm
Weight (fixture) 35.2 lbs 16 Kg
Weight (controller) 8.8 lbs 4 Kg
Control Serial: USB or Ethernet for Force (Z), RS232C for XY  


Measurable Properties

  • Characterize and calibrate force input on keypad, touchpad and touchscreen devices.


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