About Us

We are a solutions provider, adding value by providing off-the-shelf and custom touchscreen and touch panel test instruments to help you verify the quality & performance of touch & pen input devices. Our goal is to help you identify product quality & performance issues before your customer does.

Our Value Proposition

Tactile Automation, Inc. is an engineering firm based near Seattle, WA specialized in designing and manufacturing custom touch panel test and measurement instruments. We use our expert mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge to build electromechanical systems used for testing touch & pen input devices for companies in the electronics industry. Our systems have helped our clients replace up to 5 human testers! The value of replacing humans with machines, is not limited to, but includes, increased product performance, reduced time to market, significantly lower operating costs, and the ability to reallocate your people to tasks that cannot be automated.

Our Principles

Customer Centric:

We promise to understand your needs and collaborate to develop a solution that’s perfect for you.


We respect your time-to-market schedule. We solve problems quickly, accelerate the design & build process, and deliver your products on time.


When the product has to work the first-time, every-time, we’re one company you can rely on.


We understand the importance of high quality service and promise to treat you the way you deserve from the moment we first meet.