Brass Fingertip




During touchscreen and touch panel test the brass fingertip simulates the human fingertip. The brass fingertip is constructed of precision machined Brass wrapped in conductive fabric. This fingertip attaches to our actuators via it’s internal M3x0.5 thread but will also attach to any M3X0.5 threaded post. The fingertip has been used by hundreds of customers in the touch device testing space and has proven to be a solid option to provide input during capacitive touchscreen and touch panel test.


  • Minimum order quantity is 2
  • Tip diameters range from 5-31mm. Refer to the downloadable data sheet for detailed sizing information.
  • In Stock items will ship within 2 U.S. business days.
  • Standard lead time is 1-2 weeks for out of stock items.
  • If your order is urgent contact sales to discuss options.
  • Stretch Conductive Fabric Data sheet


Additional information

Weight 0.06 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × .4 in

TR10548-050-B, TR10548-060-B, TR10548-070-B, TR10548-080-B, TR10548-090-B, TR10548-100-B, TR10548-110-B, TR10548-120-B, TR10548-130-B, TR10548-140-B, TR10548-150-B, TR10548-160-B, TR10548-170-B, TR10548-180-B, TR10548-190-B, TR10548-200-B, TR10548-210-B, TR10548-220-B, TR10548-230-B, TR10548-240-B, TR10548-250-B, TR10548-260-B, TR10548-270-B, TR10548-280-B, TR10548-290-B, TR10548-300-B, TR10548-310-B


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